Contraception is a big word,
which can have an even B-I-G-G-E-R impact
on your life if you don't use it!

So, if you're planning on having sex, contraception will help keep you safe against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Remember, contraception is a shared responsibility between you and the person with whom youre having sex. But since most contraceptive methods are designed for women, the final decision about the specific method should be up to the girl.

That means YOU can take the initiative when it comes to contraception - don't wait for any partner to make the first move!

Why use contraception?

Contraception keeps you safe, allowing you to enjoy sex! It’s the most effective way to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, and protect you against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Today there’s a whole range of contraceptives available. Two of the most popular ones are condoms (a type of barrier method) and the birth control pill. Condoms can protect you and your partner against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as unplanned pregnancy, whilst hormonal contraception, like birth control pills, is one of the most effective forms of birth control currently available to women.

Using condoms and the birth control pill together gives you the best protection against STIs as well as unplanned pregnancy!

Choosing the right contraceptive for you

There are many different types of contraceptives out there, designed to offer protection for young women and men with specific health and lifestyle needs. It’s important to find out which one will be the most suited to you!

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How effective is your method of choice


In the table below you will find the percentage of women experiencing an unintended pregnancy during the first year of typical use and the first year of perfect use of contraception.