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Today, sex is everywhere – music, movies, on TV, the Internet, in schools and varsities. It can be tough to be surrounded by loads of sexy images or sexually active friends when you aren’t ready to explore that part of life.

And even if you are, you should never have sex unless you are 100% sure you want to and you’ve done your homework to protect yourself and your partner. Sex is an amazing experience, but it comes with BIG responsibilities, like understanding your menstrual cycle, choosing the right contraception to protect yourself against unplanned pregnancy and STIs, and knowing where to get professional advice.

Chat with your sexual partner

When you and your partner are ready to have sex, it’s also time to talk about contraception to keep both of you safe.

It’s better to have this chat before you have sex, rather than waiting until things get hot and heavy. One of you may just get pressured into doing something you’re not ready for – without protection!

  • First, find out about different contraceptives and decide on the best one for you and your lifestyle.
  • Pick a time and place where you and your partner will have privacy without interruptions.
  • Visualise how you’d like the conversation to go and remember, the calmer you are, the more your partner will feel at ease.
  • Practice what to say beforehand and try to be prepared to answer questions your partner might have.
  • Be clear about why you think contraception is a good idea for you and your partner.

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Chat with a professional

Never be afraid to talk to a healthcare professional about sex or contraception. It’s the responsible thing to do and you’ve got nothing to feel embarrassed about!

Your healthcare professional must treat anything you tell him or her with total confidentiality. He/she will not discuss your health or contraceptive needs with anyone – even if you’re under 18.

Before your visit, write down some questions you’d like to ask. Taking notes and asking for leaflets that you can take away and read later is also smart!

Your healthcare professional will ask questions about your health and that of your family, so that he/she can recommend the contraceptive best suited to you.


  • Ask about any words, abbreviations and areas of the body you don’t understand.
  • Understand how to use your contraceptive properly.
  • Be aware of any potential side effects it may cause and how to deal with them.
  • Know what to do in case you haven’t used your contraceptive correctly.


  • Feel embarrassed or shy about your questions – it’s what the healthcare professional is there to do!

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